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Three Tips for Finding Your Design Style

As Millennials and Gen Z start to enter the home-buying world slowly, many of us are looking for ways to make our homes unique, interesting, and, well, reflect who we are! Our generations have predominantly lived at home, in dorms, or shared apartments or houses, meaning that the space we’ve had to decorate and design was more than likely small and filled with items of convenience. 

While that isn’t to say we don’t have killer style, there’s something more serious about decorating your home! In fact, it can be daunting! And even if you’re not a new home-owner but someone looking to update their kitchen because your style has changed from chicken or blue goose themed, well, we know it’s a challenge too! As much as the nostalgia for those kitchens of the past is strong, it would be nice to have something a little more modern! But how do you nail down a design style that speaks to you now and will keep speaking for a long time to come?

We’re so glad you asked!

We’ve gathered our best tips on helping you nail down your design style before you even meet with your contractor! 

Pick 3 Design Styles

A great way to get started is to start a Pinterest board or make a saved folder on Instagram of all the design photos you love. Check the hashtags on those photos– what are the three most common styles you tend to save? These are more than likely going to be your three main influences. What makes your style unique to you is the way you blend those different styles. 

A helpful tip here is to remember that just because you like something doesn’t mean it’s you. We can love an image of an all-white minimalist living room or a kitchen with bold wallpaper and lots of colors, but liking something and loving something is different! When picking your three words, keep this in mind. If you do find yourself saving a ton of minimalist rooms, it may be that you admire minimalism, but it’s not practical for your life. Focus on picking styles that truly spark joy in you and fit your lifestyle.

Consider The Atmosphere

When it comes to designing our homes, the thing we’re most invested in is how each room feels. When you walk into your kitchen, what are the adjectives you want to come to mind? What about your living room? Each room in your house serves a unique purpose and is going to cultivate a different feeling. Picking a few adjectives for each room is going to help you filter your design styles too.

For instance, if your design styles are maximalism, eclectic, and farmhouse, those are pretty broad styles. But if you know that when you enter your bathroom, you want to feel serene, peaceful, and clean, leaning into maximalism might be too overwhelming for the energy you want for that space. In this scenario leaning more into the eclectic and farmhouse styles is going to help you create the space you want. On the other hand, if you want your kitchen to feel lively, energetic, and vibrant, scale back on the farmhouse choices for that room. The key is that your design style inspiration will help give you an overall cohesion for your home, but atmospheric adjectives will help you find the direction for each room.

Don’t Rush The Process 

Finding your design style takes time and refinement and is going to change, and that’s ok! Short of going out to IKEA, finding the right stuff for your space takes time to curate! The pressure to buy “stuff” to make your home feel full is strong.

And that’s just it; finding your style takes time. And it’s probably going to change! Can you imagine if your 13-year-old self got to decorate a whole house??? (for some of us, that’s a lot of hot pink and zebra print!) Luckily, you’ll be in your home for a while, so you’ve got the time to really cultivate your vibe. Shopping second-hand is a great low-cost way to take design risks to really nail down your style, and if those items end up not working for you, you can pass them along to someone who will love them. 

Finding your design style can be really overwhelming, which is why we hope these tips will take some of the stress off. Remember, when it comes to design, experimentation is key, and being your authentic self is always in style!