True Blue Remodeling

Remodel Now, Big Pay Off Later!

It’s no secret that today’s housing market is an adventure. The housing shortage and high-interest rates make it a seller’s market. But despite the market being in favor of sellers, many people looking to sell their homes right now are finding it hard to find a buyer – and it has nothing to do with the price.

Many homes heading to the market are older starter homes being sold by either the original or second owners. These homes are often filled with charming but outdated character and design features. For these sellers, it’s tricky to sell their homes. With prices so high, buyers aren’t looking for a renovation project.

This might be surprising considering the DIY renovation trend, but not when you consider the cost! Millennial and even Gen Z buyers look to make any home they purchase their own through design and decor; however, considering the price of a home (especially here in Southern California), buyers simply don’t have the spare funding to do an immediate full-scale renovation. So they often end up purchasing homes that are easier to individualize through minor adjustments like paint or decor now, with the goal of doing any large-scale renovation down the line. 

So what does this mean for potential sellers? It means that now is a great time to do renovations that add value and equity to your home before you sell. 

In some cases, sellers can make a decent return on investment when they do a remodel prior to selling. There are a lot of percentages thrown out on the internet on what that ROI is, but we do want to warn you to take those numbers at face value. As well all know, housing prices can vary dramatically depending on so many factors. So while we believe it can be extremely economical to remodel your home before selling, it’s also a good idea to consult experts in the remodeling and housing industries to get a realistic number based on the unique work done on your home.

In most older homes, the renovation focus will be on kitchens and bathrooms. We’re seeing potential buyers favor neutral spaces when they first buy. Features like soft white or creamy paint colors, classic hardware, stone countertops, and plenty of storage lend themselves to being easy to work with for various tastes and styles. While open-concept kitchen/living spaces are still in, we’re also seeing a return to separate living areas. The good news is that a big-scale kitchen and living renovation isn’t necessary!

As for bathrooms, light is king! Today’s buyers are looking to their primary bathroom as a scaled-down luxury spa experience. Natural light, neutral colors, black or gold hardware, subway tile, and classic features like clawfoot tubs are big on trend right now. Even in additional bathrooms in the home, this sense of calm serenity is a big selling point. 

While neutral is still a preferred choice for today’s buyers, color is making a comeback. However, color can be hard to sell, which is why many renovations with the aim to sell stick to white, cream, or off-white color stories. 

Another great place to spend renovation dollars is on your curb appeal or backyard. Updating the front of your home to suit modern tastes or simply giving your front porch a bit of a facelift can actually add considerable price value to your home. And updating the landscaping or layout of a backyard doesn’t hurt either! 

While we can’t promise the exact amount a renovation will add to the value of your home specifically, any improvement has the potential to pay off in the future. So if you are looking to sell your home in the near– or distant– future, we’d love to help you achieve that with a stunning renovation that will add value to your home, your life, and the lives of any future owners.