True Blue Remodeling

Case Study: A Luxurious Transformation for a Newly Purchased Home

Objective: Upgrade the builder-grade shower, dilapidated enclosure, and dated golden oak cabinets to designer-grade finishes, while catering to specific challenges.


Client’s Vision:

  • Desired Upgrade:
    • The homeowner wanted to replace the cramped and grout-heavy tiled shower, old shower enclosure, and the outdated golden oak cabinets with more modern, luxurious, and designer-grade finishes.
  • Motivation Behind the Upgrade:
    • After recently purchasing the home, the homeowner wanted to imprint their personal touch on the space, making it feel uniquely their own.

Challenges Encountered:

  1. Retaining the Existing Tub:
    • The client was attached to the current tub – it was in pristine condition and they wanted it incorporated into the new design.
  1. Supply Chain Roadblocks:
    • In the current marketplace, procuring materials on schedule was a tough challenge due to supply-chain disruptions.
  1. Ensuring a Dust-Free Environment:
    • With a newborn baby in the home, maintaining a dust-free environment was non-negotiable for the safety and health of the child.

Our Solutions:

  1. Tub Preservation:
    • To ensure the tub’s integrity, we carefully removed and stored it in the garage, using protective materials to ensure it remained in its original pristine state.
  1. Bypassing Supply Chain Hiccups:
    • We collaborated closely with our trusted vendors to sidestep any back-ordered items. We made it a rule to secure all vital materials before starting any demolition – ensuring a smooth workflow.
  1. Dust Mitigation:
    • Taking the safety and cleanliness of the environment seriously, we utilized negative air technology along with a double-chamber dust containment system. This ensured that dust was strictly confined to the work area, maintaining the sanctity of the home for the newborn.

Client Feedback:

Our approach and work ethic resonated deeply with the homeowners. In their words:

Troy was amazing. We hired him for a bathroom remodel and we knew we could trust and rely on him at the very beginning when we received our quote. His work was quality and he always kept us updated of status. We are very happy with our bathroom and would easily choose True Blue Remodeling again. Working with the vendors, it felt like we were the stars of an HGTV episode!”

Added Value:

  • Our dedication not only elevated the aesthetics of the home but also its market value. Post our renovation, the home underwent a re-appraisal. The increased valuation allowed the homeowners to remove the PMI from their monthly payment, ensuring long-term financial benefits.

In the world of luxury design build remodeling, understanding client needs and delivering above and beyond is the True Blue way.