True Blue Remodeling

Case Study: A Luxury Design-Build Transformation of an Unfinished ADU

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The Vision: A Tribute to Commitment

What did the homeowner want?

The homeowner had a dream of transforming an unfinished ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) back into a pristine garage and casita. The detailed vision involved extensive demolition, followed by the addition of a new roof, siding, windows, and doors. The interiors were not left untouched; the homeowner desired new cabinets, counters, backsplashes, modern appliances, top-notch flooring, epoxy finishes, and more. The bathroom would get an uplift with a new vanity, toilet, shower, and the entire structure would be crowned with a fresh coat of paint.

The Reason: Beyond Aesthetics

Why did they want it?

The heart of the project wasn’t just a cosmetic upgrade. Two years ago, the client purchased the property and her husband personally devoted countless weekends towards its renovation. He was on the brink of seeing his hard work bear fruit when a tragic fire consumed the main home. Having witnessed her husband’s time, sweat, and commitment to this property, the client aimed for restoration and a swift sale. At the heart of her decision was her yearning to get back the time her husband had devoted and to prevent him from spending another draining weekend on the site.

Obstacles on the Journey

What challenges did we face?

  • Infrastructure Woes: The garage lacked a water service connection. Additionally, the existing garage sub-panel was inadequate for the new appliances.
  • Utilities Hurdle: The propane line, vital for some of the appliances, had been compromised, filled with water.
  • Design Challenge: An unconventional opening size for the garage door posed a unique challenge.
  • Mother Nature’s Surprise: As if the previous challenges weren’t enough, Tropical storm Hillary threatened the progress, and the client being out-of-state added to the logistical challenges.

Conquering the Challenges

How did we fix them?

  • Water Connection: Our team traced the main water service and meticulously laid down a new 1” line connecting it directly to the garage, ensuring a seamless water supply.
  • Power Management: To counter the sub-panel’s limitations, we opted for a mix of energy solutions. Some power-guzzling 240-volt appliances were replaced with efficient gas-powered alternatives.
  • Propane Line: Our solution for the waterlogged propane line was methodical. We vacuumed the line and then conducted a rigorous pressure test to identify any potential leaks, ensuring the safety and functionality of the system.
  • Custom Solution: For the irregular garage door opening, we designed a bespoke carriage-style garage door that not only fit perfectly but also added a touch of luxury.
  • Storm Preparedness: To safeguard the property against Tropical storm Hillary’s wrath, we proactively deployed and set sandbags around critical areas, ensuring minimum damage and safeguarding our client’s investment.

Client’s Verdict

“As a professional luxury realtor, I have a highly trained eye for detail and have even higher expectations for professional communication, contracts, and responsiveness. I have been told I can be challenging to work for – due to what some might call “unreasonable expectations”. I interviewed several builders. Many took days, if not weeks to get back to me, forgot important details, were difficult to reach etc. I was immediately impressed with Troy’s communication and responsiveness, I felt comfortable that his communication was prompt and professional. His estimates were straightforward, easy to understand, and comprehensive. He was not the least expensive of the contractors I interviewed, but I felt very comfortable with Troy and had a sense that he could be a trusted. Trust was of paramount importance since I live out of state and am rarely at the property. I relied heavily on photos, video, and regular updates, which Troy provided weekly or as often as needed. Troy was fair, always professional, and was quick to make adjustments as needed. He went well above and beyond on his own accord on several occasions. The project completed on time, on budget, and sold very shortly there after. A few minor inspection items were noted, and Troy addressed those immediately, even though the job was complete and paid in full. If you are looking for a contractor that operates with a high level of integrity, look no further. Troy can be trusted with your project and will help keep you calm during the process. Building can be stressful and selecting the right contractor is critical. As with most things in life, you really do get what you pay for.” – Robin C.

In conclusion, this project wasn’t just a design-build assignment; it was a heartwarming story of resurrecting a husband’s labor of love. Through challenges, both anticipated and unforeseen, our team rose to the occasion, crafting a luxurious garage and casita that is both a tribute to dedication and a testament to our expertise.