True Blue Remodeling

A Luxurious Kitchen Transformation: A True Blue Remodeling Case Study

Homeowner’s Vision: April had a clear objective in mind – she wanted to move away from the mundane builder-grade kitchen setup. Her aspirations were to:

  1. Elevate the appeal of her existing kitchen cabinets.
  2. Extend the size of her kitchen island.
  3. Bring in a new and modern cooktop.
  4. Exchange her old sink for a new model.
  5. Revamp the flooring of her entire main level.

The Motivation Behind the Makeover: Living in a house that echoed the same old design year after year, April felt confined by the limited storage and countertop space her kitchen offered. More than that, the outdated ambiance it emanated was no longer in alignment with her evolving tastes.

Challenges on the Horizon: Every design project brings its own set of challenges, and April’s kitchen was no exception:

  1. Retaining the Original Cabinets: This was a strategic move to not only save costs but also to retain the original structure and layout.
  2. Oversized Countertop Overhang: Balancing aesthetics with function and safety was crucial.
  3. Living Through the Chaos: Continuing her daily routine without interruptions while her kitchen was under construction was essential.
  4. The Great Dane Dilemma: With large pets like Great Danes, flooring choices become paramount, both in terms of durability and comfort.

Solutions by True Blue Remodeling: Our team, drawing upon years of experience and expertise, approached these challenges with precision:

  1. Cabinet Facelift: We renewed the existing cabinets by installing chic drawer fronts, contemporary doors, and sleek hardware. Pull-out shelves were incorporated for added convenience. To complete the look and ensure longevity, a high-performance coating was applied to the cabinet surfaces.
  2. Countertop Reinforcement: Understanding the requirements of an oversized overhang, we chose quartz for its strength. Further, we fortified it with steel reinforcements underneath, ensuring its stability.
  3. Convenience During Renovation: With the kitchen being out of commission temporarily, we provided a temporary food storage solution by relocating the refrigerator. Fortuitously, the weather was conducive for outdoor cooking, which became April’s fun adventure during this period.
  4. Flooring Worthy of Great Danes: Tile flooring would have been ideal but was outside the budget. So, we presented a compromise without compromising quality. The chosen LVP flooring came with a substantial wear-layer and an unbeatable warranty, ensuring it stood up to the playful antics of April’s Great Danes.

Client’s Verdict: April was over the moon with her transformed space. Her kitchen now gleamed with new countertops, refreshed cabinets, an advanced cooktop, a gleaming faucet, a pristine sink, and durable flooring. With her experience, she became a vocal advocate for True Blue Remodeling, spreading the word across her social media and among her circle of friends. She recognized the authenticity and commitment we brought to the table, steering clear of the typical contractor gimmicks she was wary of.

To sum it up, this project wasn’t just a kitchen makeover but a journey where dreams met reality, all under the expert guidance of True Blue Remodeling.