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5 Tips on Communicating Your Vision

No matter what kind of renovation you’re looking at, ensuring you’ve clearly and effectively communicated your vision to your contractor is vital! Renovations are expensive, and an unclear vision for your space could lead to a really expensive mistake! Here are our top five tips on communicating with your contractor so you get the remodel of your dreams!

Pick a Method Of Communication

Not everyone loves a ton of text messages throughout their day, and some people prefer to only talk over the phone. Before you even start your project, establish how you and your contractor will communicate. Do you prefer email updates? In case of an emergency, is a phone call ok? Do you want details written out or a series of progress photos? Finding the best form of communication for you both is going to get you off to a great start.

Be Upfront About Budget

Sometimes our vision for a space doesn’t align with our budget, and that’s ok! By being upfront with your contractor about what your realistic budget is, they can use their expertise to figure out workarounds to try and bring your vision to life. Plus, it makes it much easier for them when they inevitably encounter a surprise issue not in the original plans. If your contractor knows your maximum budget limit, they can better plan for those surprises and make the most of every penny to get as close to the image in your head as possible.

Be Open Minded

Your contractor wants you to get the renovation of your dreams, and they have a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to make that happen effectively and affordably. Going into your initial meeting with an open mind and attitude allows you to ask their expert opinion on how to bring your vision into reality. The same goes throughout the renovation process; when issues or complications arise, be open to their recommendations on the solution. It might mean your vision has to alter somewhat, but it also means you’re getting a functional and well-thought-out end result. Treating your contractor as a partner in creating your dreams will make the experience so much smoother for everyone.

Don’t Be Afraid of “No”

At the same time, this is your project, and your money going into it. Don’t be afraid, to be honest about what you do and don’t like. It’s ok to tell your contractor no when they make a suggestion. While you always want to lean on their expertise and listen to their input, you are ultimately the one who is going to live in the space, and it needs to work for you. 

Have a List of Non-Negotiables

If you’re dreaming of creating a specific space using specific colors or materials, that’s great! But there are a ton of reasons why something may not be available by the time you start your remodel. Your contractor may also have opinions and experience working with certain brands or installing certain features that they prefer. So it’s a good idea to make a list of the things you really want. This will help you both understand the priorities for the build, pivot where you can, or shave the budget when needed. 

We hope this helps you and your contractor communicate well and bring your vision into the real world! A few other bonus tips we wanted to mention: Be as detailed as possible at the beginning, and have lots of reference photos! Both these things will help your contractor better see what’s in your head and help make it a reality.