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We provide construction and design services to help remodel kitchens and bathrooms. Our diverse and expert team commits to surpassing client expectations. The name “True Blue” comes from our founder Troy’s military background from when he served in the Army National Guard with the Infantry — whose color is Infantry blue. True Blue Remodeling’s dedication and work ethic is unmatched. With our sharpened craft and proactive approach, we always overcome challenges that arise. Together as a team, we bring your dream spaces to life.

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“I met with Troy today regarding something I needed his help with. I have worked with Troy since 2004 so I know Troy well. So as I drove away I thought about all the contractors I’ve worked with for the past 40 years and I am proud to say that Troy is a friend, a good resource, and an outstanding contractor. I’m glad to know that there are contractors like him because he will always do what’s right, regardless. If you have a project in mind, please talk with Troy and you will start to realize the value of a good contractor. I wish him and his family all the best.” – Joe K.

“I recommend Troy! He does high-quality work and operates his business with high integrity.” – Jeana S.

“We did a kitchen remodel and interviewed several contractors. It took us quite some time to find the right person. We received quotes in varying amounts, some so inexpensive we were skeptical. We ended up selecting the contractor with the highest quote. It was his delivery, his clear understanding of what would be needed, and his professionalism, which won our business. He actually became concerned about our timeline and delivering results on time. In order to keep him, we compromised it. We were not disappointed in our choice. He did an amazing job, there were no surprises, our project was executed perfectly, he brought in knowledge and incredible talent. He earned our trust, friendship, and any future business.” – Brenda T.

“No BS, you can trust Troy. He’s honest and knows construction.” – Terry M.